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The man behind the message

I became aware of the healing powers of laughter at a very young age. As I stood in front of my 4th grade class and read an essay I wrote about my mother putting a whooping on me for breaking a lamp, the class went up in a roar of laughter.

Picture little Craigy, fatherless, hurting, lonely and new to another school, standing in front of Mrs. Stout and a roomfull of 10 year olds, experiencing bliss as never before, yet stunned at the fact that the sharing of my pain was shaking up a room full of kids – not out of horror, but by making them laugh.

It was completely uplifting and I was hooked.

“Laughter goes way beyond just being a temporary stress relief or a coping skill. Used in a purposeful way, you can unlock the keys to healing through laughter to transform any situation.”

-craig shoemaker

Craig Shoemaker Standing

Keynote speaker Craig Shoemaker will teach the art of L.A.U.G.H.T.E.R

Years ago I began a much deeper dive, studying the healing power of laughter, honing in on techniques that help enlighten your load, to shift out of negativity and into joy. I want to teach you how you use L.A.U.G.H.T.E.R as a tool for enlightenment!

Laughter. We do an inventory of what we love and center in that foundational space.

Things we have difficulty accepting, attachments that prevents us from joy.

Uniqueness. Everyone has their own personal story to tell with highlights and lowlights that make us one of a kind.
Gratitude. Life is more balanced when we center in the gratitude to offer an antidote to the negative messaging that invades our spirit.
Humility. We speak of our rumbles, stumbles, crumbles, and fumbles. We are much more magnetic and approachable when we are vulnerable enough to admit our failures.
Truth. Walls and barriers are broken down by the truth that sets us free. Only the truth is funny.

When ego is at play the results are often disastrous.  Time to let go and get into flow.

Refresh. Reboot. Recharge. Recommit. Rejoice. When things break down the refresh button needs to be pressed.

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